Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Panama Covid 19 Food Distribution

Jan, Tomorrow I am delivering a food box to Alberto.
He has worked all this time but his wife has not. 
Just wanted to give him a boost of encouragement.
He and his son are heavily involved in the electronic/
Internet ministry going on during our church restrictions

Here is another Family receiving one of the boxes.  Oscar pastored in San Miguelito 20 years before going to Nicaragua as a missionary.  They have been in Panama since the uproar in Nicaragua, where people were shot on the street where they lived and had church.  The time in Panama was supposed to be temporary, but Covid 19 forced some course corrections.

This is the pastor in Veracruz with his family that is still at home.  We are helping this family with the food boxes as well.  This community has one of the highest unemployment rates and no church members are working so no income for pastoral support.  Plus his secular work is on hold.
He is Kuna and the FARC rebels were out to kill him years ago.  They did kill some of his family.  He goes back to that area to take the Gospel and is helping Bible Translators with a secondary Kuna dialect.

This couple planted the church where they minister – probably 8-10
years ago.   His brother started a church where he still pastors in
Agua Dulce, where Simeon lives.  Their Church is several miles past where the Camp SI where the baseball team stayed.  I will be able to do this several times with remaining funds.

This couple was starting deputation to be missionaries to Holland, but their pastor resigned and left the country on the spur of the
moment.  So, he became pastor of the church.  They may have a second child by now.

Eduardo is the pastor in San Miguelito.  He followed Oscar when Oscar returned to Nicaragua as a missionary.  He had a medical condition similar to epilepsy and has not been able to keep a job since.  He lost most of his memory except for Scripture.  His wife has a growth on the back of her head, near the brain, and she is slowly losing her sight.

Candy is our single missionary who has worked on the coast (jungle villages) for years.  Her father was saved while she served in Belen (2nd church in jungle started from a medical clinic).  Recently she started an online fellowship meeting for ladies in ministry.  She has a hard time buying supplies because her hour is the last hour of business, and she cannot get home before curfew ends.  Her dad worked at the last medical clinic with Eli.

Jiovani became the pastor where he was introduced to the Gospel.  The church is located in a blue color social area.  Carolina was in our church since about 10 years old.  Phyllis taught her music and ended up playing multiple instruments and a very good vocalist.  They have been married several years.

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