Thursday, September 12, 2019

Hurricane Dorian


Thursday, September 12, 2019

Dear Friends,


Please pray for the situation in the Bahamas.  Many organizations are joining together to make a relief effort to those who are in need.  Hearts with Hands, Anchor Baptist Mission, Flyn4God, Mission Air Care, Island Outreach, Lockwood Aviation Repair, and Landmark Baptist Church.  Please download the attachment to see the work.

Dave Spangler and Randy Crow left yesterday morning for Abaco.  We have not heard from them, but we are certain they made it.  They are taking SAT phones and supplies to the churches.

Hearts with Hands, Dr. Greg Lentz, has delivered two trucks at this time.  One load is already in the Bahamas.  The second truck went to Sebring where Flyn4God has obtained a permanent hanger storage.  Pray for Hearts with Hands more trucks are needed, but they must now buy the contents for the future trucks

Pastor Randy Barton with Anchor Baptist Mission has placed a man at the Sebring staging site.  This man will coordinate obtaining needed items and helping the flight crews load the planes.  They are also working to purchase supplies locally to load the planes.  Pastor Barton wrote the following.

“Need a box of English Tracts. Do you know of a church near Sebring that might have some?  Pressure washer is about to be loaded on 1st sortie.  Paint will be purchase and loaded on 2nd.”

A church has graciously met the needs of the tracts and will deliver today or tomorrow.

Mission Air Care, Brother Earl Malpass, has made arrangement with the owner of a Beechcraft Baron to fly.  It is in Sebring and should be flying this morning into Freeport.  Pray that the Mission Air Care Piper Chieftain will be ready to fly also.

The MAC flight this morning will contain a pressure washer to clean Pastor Bain’s church, so they can paint for services on Sunday.  The paint will be shipped today by MAC if all goes to plan. 

Pray for Assistant Pastor Woodside who will receive and coordinate shipments and begin restoration of the Tabernacle Baptist Church.

ORH is thankful to be a part of this effort with these wonderful organizations and Godly people.  Pray very hard we all will be successful and fight crews will be safe.

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God bless you,

The Operation Renewed Hope Family Around the World!

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