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Dear Friends,

Puerto Rico

Again, Calvary Baptist Tabernacle, Carolina, PR, still has great need.  Download the PDF to see the situation.  The following is an excerpt from his most recent letter to ORH.  It is very revealing about the work of Calvary Baptist Tabernacle.

     “The people God has sent have stayed and worked.  If it closes, 45 people who have given between 15 through 30 years of their lives to this ministry will be without jobs. About 15 of these staff members were saved here, some went to College here and are now serving within the ministry. 

     Twenty two years ago I accepted the responsibility to trust God to train nationals.  Brother Jan, you will understand this 100%.  Most of our students come from third world countries with no income or way to pay their bills.  Our responsibility is to train them and send them back to their countries.  It costs us $200,000.00 a year x 20 years which means we have invested $4,000,000.00.  Our church has sustained this cost up to now.  We have now graduated over 120 students from 22 different countries like Africa, South America, Micronesia and even Europe and 70% of the islands here in the Caribbean.  We are also sending them back and we support them to start churches, children’s homes, Bible Institutes.  We send out $6,000 a month to support these graduates.”


In the letter, Dr. Daniels surrendered to the will of God concerning the storm that destroyed the entire college and damaged much of his buildings.  Even with the damage, he and his church have continued to labor since the storm in less than adequate conditions.  Pray that the ministry will not lose the use of their buildings limiting the work with the young men and women coming to the college and Christian school. 

If you can help with cost of restoration materials, please, do so.  Send all donations to Macedonia World Baptist Missions for Calvary Baptist Tabernacle, Dr. Johnny Daniels.

India – VMA Clinic India, Dr. Luther Chatla

     “Dr. Jan and brother Daniel, Finally, we conducted the medical camp on 11th, bill boards (flex boards) were placed in villages, pamphlets were distributed and carried audio publicity in villages. Four specialists attended, my wife Dr. Ratna Luther (Gynecologist), Dr. John Babu (Orthopedic), Dr. Prabhudas (ophthalmologist) and Dr. Sivaram (ENT)). It was a day long camp from morning nine to evening four, patients came from surrounding villages all through. 129 patients were treated, (51 general and others, 13 gynec, 28 opthal, 21 ortho, 16 ENT and were provided medicine. Gospel tracts were also distributed.

     We postponed the camp two times as we wanted to have full permissions.

This was the first camp from our clinic, we had good response from the patients attended. We are hoping to see three hundred plus in the next camp as many people are calling and asking the details. Thank you for your patience Dr. Jan, and bro Daniel. We are looking forward to your partnership to make it more effective and assure you to hold the second camp on 29th June if ORH provides and permits.

     We thank God for the state permissions we received for hospital and pharmacy. Here I enclosed the documents and pictures for your understanding.  In His service, Pas Luther Chatla, MD, New LIfe Hospital (Poly Clinic).

We are so happy to have our second national medical team in India.  The team works in the state of Andhra Pradesh.  The Chatla’s are good people who labor tirelessly for the province of Andhra Pradesh with medicine, relief efforts, the Gospel, and church planting efforts.


ORH had a medical team formed for Ethiopia when upheaval in the country made it unwise to continue with the efforts.  Pray about a meeting scheduled on September 17, 2018, which could restart our efforts in Ethiopia.  This is a message we received from the missionaries, Nader and Tigist Baraty .

“Good Morning Brother Jan, Tigist and I trust that this message finds you and your family well today. I’m reaching out to you to see if we can confirm a meeting on September 17,2018. I will be driving from Atlanta Georgia on that day so we could get together for lunch or dinner. Please let me know if this time will work for you! With His Love, Nader& Tigist Baraty, Missionaries in Ethiopia since 2015 International Mission Director with EABM www.outreacheastafrica.com 2510943043007-Ethiopia 4196511336-US”

Pray this meeting leads to the open door to an age-old country steeped in religion.

Put the Medical Mission Summit on your calendar…

Medical Mission Summit

Maranatha Baptist University

Watertown, WI

March 28-30, 2019

$75.00 per student

$50.00 per chaperon

The first summit in 2017 was a true blessing with over 100 participating.  Support the 2019 summit by sending your young people. 

God bless,

Jan Milton

Operation Renewed Hope

1017 Sage Green Ct.

Raleigh, NC 27610


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