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India and Harvey

Sunday, November 19, 2017

Dear Friends,


ORH thanks God that brothers and sisters around the world share the same heart for ministry.  They minister the mercy of God both physically and spiritually.  Dr. John Paul Moses and his team of workers in Bangalore, India, are partners demonstrating that our God is Love.  Please read the following from Dr. John Paul and see the PDF.

     “Dear Uncle Jan and Dr Daniel's, Greetings to you all in the precious name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

     We have returned safely back to Bangalore from a fruitful evangelistic medical Ministry. Please find the PDF attached to this email, which contains pictures and descriptions of what the Lord did in Hubli Prison and Hubli Gadag Lepers Colony.

     We held these clinics for two days in Hubli Prison and thereafter moved onto Hubli Gadag Lepers Colony to provide medical and Gospel aid.

     Thank God for ORH and the sacrifice and the provision that was made possible to conduct these clinics. I pray, appeal and plead that God will continue to sustain this medical ministry.

      We were able to minister in Hubli Prison, took care of 186 inmates, most of them under trials for murders, gang violence, dacoity, theft and robbery. Open air evangelism was possible and personal evangelism done genuinely.  Bibles were distributed, Thank God for the transformation of lives with the physical and spiritual help rendered. 6 people in the prison made decisions for Christ and 8 of them in the leper’s colony.  I am so thankful for the Lord for my beloved wife, parents, my siblings, and family and the entire team, volunteers, for their support.

     We are fully committed for the cause of Christ in our heathen country. God is doing great wonders and miracles through works which otherwise are impossible to accomplish. May God bless each one of you name by name and bless your hearts for your love and compassion for the people of India.  We love you, Yours faithfully in Christ, Dr John Paul Moses

Ps: Elizabeth, Mom and Dad and Titus send best wishes and thankfulness unto you all.”

Thank God that He continues to offer ORH opportunities to demonstrate his mercy, love, and grace.  The money necessary to do this VMA Clinic, $1850.00, came from those who support our efforts around the world.  Thank you and may our God bless you for thinking of ORH and its partners.


On November 11th, Pastor Will Cover and Arise Baptist Church conducted a celebration service “Hope after Harvey.”  Pastor Will brought pastors and members of churches which were damaged during Hurricane Harvey.  Testimonies, music, and rejoicing in the Lord were enjoyed.  After the event, a Texas barbeque was provided by Pastor Will’s church for all.  ORH was thankful to be included in this service, and for the expressions of thanks by those giving testimony of God’s use of ORH in their lives and churches.

Thank God for Colonial Hills Baptist Church in Indianapolis Indiana, which following the praise service, sent a team to plan a work team’s arrival from their church with Pastor Cover.  The team will help families and churches still trying to climb out of the disaster.  Colonial Hills has long been a great partner with ORH.

Val Verde Baptist Church in Groves, TX, has been sent $8000.00 to help a teacher in their church school replace her automobile which was destroyed in the Hurricane.  ORH is thankful for God’s servants who in spite of great difficulty continue to be a vital part of their church ministry.  For Pastor Nick Dignan and his people who have long been faithful, ORH desires the blessings of God.

God bless,

Jan Milton

Operation Renewed Hope

1017 Sage Green Ct.

Raleigh, NC 27610


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