Thursday, March 8, 2018

Houston, Puerto Rico, Dominica

Thursday, March 8, 2018

Dear Friends,

Harvey – Victory Bible Baptist Church

ORH is so thankful to partner with Greg Rife, Restore Ministries.  He is currently working in a church in Vidor, TX.  ORH has sent $15000.00 to help the church.  Also, $2500.00 has been sent to help Greg repair his truck which is much used in the work of restoration.  Greg sent us the following message.

“Jan, just wanted to give you a quick update on the progress of our Harvey response here in Southeast Texas. We have completed our work in the homes that we had committed to restoring and have been working on repairing the damage to Victory Bible Baptist Church in Vidor, Texas for the past several weeks. The funds have been raised and the groups have been scheduled to complete the repairs to all of the classrooms, offices, nurseries, bathrooms, gymnasium and the auditorium. We are still short about $20,000 on our fund raising to repair the parsonage/missions house. Spirits are high and it has been a pleasure working side by side with the members of Victory to repair their facilities. God is good! We appreciate your support and prayers. In His Service,

Greg Rife”

Harvey – Arise Baptist Church

Colonial Hills Baptist Church has been a wonderful partner with ORH to help people in time of disaster.  Again, their congregation has been able to send a repair group led by Herb Gaines.  ORH supplied money for travel, housing, and food so they could help the Boyd family return to their home.  Thank God for Pastor Will Cover, Arise Baptist Church, for directing the need to Colonial Hills Baptist Church.

“Jan, Thank you so very much for the support in this project.  It was a tremendous blessing to partner with ORH and Arise Baptist Church to minister to the Boyd family in this time of need.  Word today is that with the help of a couple of men in the church at Arise Baptist, the house will be ready for final inspection by the first of next week.  We were so close prior to having to leave, however very grateful for Pastor Cover and these dedicated men to finish the task.  Lord-willing, Larry and Angela Boyd will be in their new home officially next week....  We will look forward to another time to serve together as the Lord permits.  God bless you. Herb Gaines, Facilities Superintendent, Colonial Hills Baptist Church”

Puerto Rico

Water Filters

Sheila Sierts and her husband operate a water filtration company in Bonita Springs, FL.   While living in Puerto Rico, they attended North Point Baptist Church, Pastor Orlando Rivera.  When they decided to send water filtration systems to the devastated island, Operation Renewed Hope offered to pay the $2000.00 for the shipping for the water filters. 

Sheila wrote the following to explain the work of distributing the free gravity-drip water filters.   These filters can be used repeatedly with simple cleaning procedures.  Sheila writes.

     “Water filters have been distributed to 19 municipalities and reaching numerous surrounding communities impacting individual’s residences, nursing homes, churches, and convents. Our team is currently focusing on areas of the island without power, those with limited road access, and critical medical needs. Our efforts in Puerto Rico will continue, as our work is not done.

     The 1000 water filters were broken up into two shipments in November and December and are documented on our website….”

Malave’s Home

Paula Van Natta is a missionary working with the deaf in Puerto Rico with Baptist World Mission.    She sent us the needs of a family with whom she works.  The Malave family needed a new roof, and the roof is very close to being completed.  Operation Renewed Hope sent money to help this family with a new roof.  Please see the pictures on the PDF.  Thank you Paula for your good heart.


Loren and Tim Challenger are sons of Hutson Challenger, pastor in Dominica.  The email below will tell what they are attempting to do.

     “Thanks Jan for your continuous help with this process.  Here is a breakdown of what we are trying to achieve.

Building Material:

24 windows needs to be replaced. ( school/Church)

6 Doors school/church. We are looking to use aluminum doors in the future.

( It prevents swelling from the rain and winds.)

200  20 ft 20 Gauge galvanize

     All income is directed to purchase or shipping which is an approximate $6500 for an 18 ft container to Dominica. I hope this helps with the scope of what we are trying to achieve. Thanks again for all of your support. Tim.Challenger.”

Operation Renewed Hope has sent $5000.00 to help them in this project.  There is so much left to do in their community and church, Lighthouse Baptist Church.  Please go to to read about their ministry.

If you wish to give by credit or debit card, please go to and choose “Network for Good.”  Please designate the gift for your specific purpose using “My preference is” then stipulate your preference.

If you wish to give by check, please send the check to Operation Renewed Hope, P.O. Box 43242, Fayetteville, NC 28309.  Please designate the gift for your specific purpose using “My preference is” then stipulate your preference.

God bless,

Jan Milton

Operation Renewed Hope

1017 Sage Green Ct.

Raleigh, NC 27610


(As per counsel, for the benefit of our donor’s tax deductible donations, Operation Renewed Hope has added the following statement.  The IRS requires that Operation Renewed Hope retain control over distribution of all donations; therefore, please use the designation description “My preference is” before the designated reason for the donation.  Thank you for helping ORH honor you and the IRS.)

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