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Dear Friends,


October 21-29, ORH had the blessing of sending 42 people to Uganda to conduct an evangelistic medical clinic with missionary Keith Stensaas.  The team worked out of Masaka which is the home of Keith and Sally Stensaas.  Two days of clinic was conducted with two separate churches; and then, two days of clinic with a start-up church in Mutukula which is a border town, part in Uganda, and part in Tanzania.

The clinic serviced over 1000 patients in the regular clinic days.  The number of patients grew to over 1300 patients total when the team used wellness-packs treatment for the over-flow patients each day.

The national pastors working with Keith Stensaas preached the gospel with heart and love for their people.  As a result, God used the word; and 238 people came to Christ during the clinics.  One pastor expressed that he never had so many people to follow-up.

God blessed our team, and all came home with great blessings.  Thank you Lord for great missionaries, great nationals, and a great medical team.

Puerto Rico, Anguilla, Vieques, Dominica

While ORH was in the Uganda Evangelistic Clinic, Captain Terry Rushing of Wings as Eagles flew missions to Vieques, San Juan, Anguilla, and Ponce.  Terry and his staff with their Piper Chieftain worked with Bill Pfaunmiller and pastors to deliver food, supplies, and water.  ORH provided funds to make these flights effective to the islands.

Thank God for Loren Challenger and his family on Dominica clearing a yacht load of supplies.  The Challenger family has worked very hard to help the people on Dominica.

Thank God for Gordon Dickson, David Shumate, and Bacilio Alfaro of MGM International in Pheonix, AZ.  With their direction and efforts, over 200 water filters were delivered for use in San Juan and Ponce.  ORH was blessed to provide the money for the purchase of the units, and Bacilio Alfaro delivered the units to Pastor Suni Ponce.

Thank God for Bill Pfaunmiller who has been directing the work of ORH on Puerto Rico, but has now returned to the United States.  He worked in Puerto Rico since the beginning of the Maria event.  Thank you brother for your very hard work and welcome home.

God bless,

Jan Milton

Operation Renewed Hope

1017 Sage Green Ct.

Raleigh, NC 27610


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