Sunday, October 15, 2017

Caribbean Update

Saturday, October 14, 2017

Dear Friends,

Puerto Rico

Bill Pfaunmiller has been working through ORH in Puerto Rico since the early days of Maria.  He has delivered food, water, equipment, and supplies from Air Hope air-drops to communities in need.  He is now in the phase of finding churches and homes that are damaged and need help.  Please read his weekly report.

“1. Christian Fellowship Bible Church of Isabela, Pastor Joe Caraballo - lost roof on auditorium (could not locate on first attempt)

2. First Baptist of Ceiba, Pastor Luis Martinez - lost roof on school building, Est. $25,000

3. Bible Baptist Church, Caguas, Pastor Ariel Ramirez - lost roof on annex and part of auditorium, Est. $25,000 (have promises for 8,000)

4. Evangelical Baptist of Bayamon, Pastor Samuel Santos - roof damage to storage and classrooms, Est. $15,000

5. PR Baptist Bible College, Basilio Alfaro - roof damage to cafeteria, fence damage, electrical issues.

6. Calvary Baptist and College, Carolina, Pastor Johnny Daniels - roof damage to church, water damage, destruction of dorms and offices, seeking to build cement structure, Est. $250,000….Bill Pfaunmiller”

Bill also sent this report.

There are also several needs in a personal level:

1. Jerry Harmon and his wife lost their home. I need to verify if they own or rent.

2. Pastor Gabriel Velazquez lost roof on part of their home. He isa bi-vocational pastor and does not have funds for repairs. At least $5,000 needed.

3. Pastor Alexis Colon and his wife lost their jobs and the church is unable to help them.

ORH is suggesting that churches adopt the mentioned ministries and pastors.  We need at least 3 or 4 churches per damaged church or home to help rebuild.  The rebuilding needs are financial or sending workers.  Please, contact ORH, if your church would like to adopt one of these ministries.

ORH thanks Pastor Suni Ponce for helping ORH send tarps to Paula Van Natta and her deaf school.  David Shumate sent us the following report.

“Dear Jan, Here is Suni's receipt for the tarps for Paula VanNatta. I verified with Angel Espada (pastor) that they are going to the contacts that she has through her deaf school…. Thanks much for all you are doing. David R. Shumate, General Director, MGM International”


Pastor Norrell Gump on Anguilla called ORH this week thanking God for the food drops by Mike Coupe and Tim Langford.  He reported to us that they put the batteries delivered into flashlights and held Wednesday night prayer service.  He said their church was sharing their food with the community around them. 

Pilot Mike Coupe wrote the following about Anguilla.

     “The Lord used the airplane to bring much needed aid to Pastor Norrell Gump. It was a blessing to see his reaction to the amount of supplies the Aztec can fly.  While I was there he showed me several areas where his church members were, and the destruction is terrible. His wife cooked up some rice and beans for lunch, and we sat without power and water and thanked the Lord for his blessings.”


Pray for a super yacht crossing the Atlantic at this time from Spain.  The ship has food and supplies for the work in Dominica.  It is scheduled to arrive in Antigua on Thursday.  They will take on cargo there and sail again Thursday evening.  They hope to arrive Dominica Friday morning of this week. 

ORH thanks Tony and Jonathan Cornelius of Gospel Fellowship Association.  This is a direct result of their work.  ORH will help to get this ship cargo into the Carib people through the Challenger family.  Pray that all goes well.

Mike Coupe our Air Hope pilot wrote the following from his flights into Dominica.

“As you know Hurricane Marie hit Dominica as a category five storm. ORH has already sent food and supplies to the Challengers and also the LaPlaine Baptist Church.  This is the church we re-planted and have been with since 2012. Now the church is pastored by Asha Loronde. They have lost the roof of the church and most of the furnishings.  The pastor has lost his home and everything inside. We have used tarps to dry in the church and have moved his family into the kitchen area.  We are calling Dominica the roofless nation. Every home has been damaged if not destroyed.”

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God bless,

Jan Milton

Operation Renewed Hope

1017 Sage Green Ct.

Raleigh, NC 27610


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