Monday, December 7, 2015

Merry Christmas Pakistani Believers

Monday, December 7, 2015

Dear Friends,

Merry Christmas in Christ the Savior.   ORH received this email from Sam Stricklin, Middle Eastern and Africa Partnership, concerning brethren in Pakistan.  Sam is in high danger as he works in the Islamic world. 

The earthquake mentioned here caused great damage to the families mentioned.  ORH cannot at this time do the entire $6,102.00 requested for help by the Pakistani Christians, but we can start with $3000.00.  Pray for these good brothers.  They live in the heart of Islam, threatened each day with extinction.  They go to church knowing they might not return home. 

It is hard to plant and maintain churches in these Islamic regions.  ORH wants to make sure they remain as healthy as possible.  We do not want to restart the efforts.  Thank you for reading the following.

“Bro. Jan, I am forwarding to you the email I received from Silas Ayub.   406,800 rupees is the equivalent of $6,102.  Sincerely, Sam .”

Sam forwarded the following.  ORH sent $500.00 to help Pastor Shamawon with surgery which they mention in the first paragraph.

“Hello Brother Sam, 
Thank you for sending help for the month of November. Pastor Shamawon is already in the process of scheduling the surgery of his leg. He is very thankful for the help. 

Concerning about the earthquake, the area that was most affected by the earthquake is Azad Kashmir area. It is a very mountainous area.  It is about 12 hours away from our home. Even though there are hundreds of families affected by the earthquake and many government organizations that are trying to help, after doing a proper research we found 34 Christian families that were neglected by the government. These Christian families suffered a lot of damage from the earthquake. All of them are waiting for God’s help for their needs. Government is overlooking them and is helping mainly in the Muslim areas. The earthquake destroyed everything that these families had. Many of these families have very little to eat. I request you to please pray these families. 

The needs that these families have are as following: (The urgent need is food, blanket, mattress, warm jacket)
·         Food for one week: 2000 Rupees per family (sugar, beans, rice, flour, butter, tea, soap)
·         Total for food for 34 families is 68000 rupees

Blanket 2500 rupees and Mattress 1400 rupees. Each family needs at least two blankets and mattresses.
·         Total for the blankets for 34 families is 170,000 Rupees
·         Total for the mattresses for 34 families is 95,000 Rupees

Theses effected families are in the very cold mountains with a lot of snow. They need a good winter coat. A good warm Jacket in Pakistan costs 2000 rupees. Each family need at least 2 jackets.
·         Total for 2 jackets per family is 136,000 rupees

Rough estimate for the basic needs for the effected families is 406,800 rupees. This does not include the traveling cost. I will estimate the traveling cost to reach to these families. It will be a challenge to get to these families. 

Concerning about the action plan, the pastors in our area were able to take some a food packages and some beds to the effective families. But, it was not much. We are doing whatever we can. These brothers and sisters need your prayers and help. They will appreciate your prayers and any help that you can give them.   In Christ, Silas Ayub

Pray for these 34 families.  Their need is a high priority for ORH.  ORH wishes to be God’s hand of blessing to these good families, a working faith.  What a way to celebrate Christmas.

Jan Milton
Operation Renewed Hope
1017 Sage Green Ct.
Raleigh, NC 27610

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