Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Let's Go Church Planting

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Dear Friends,

Operation Renewed Hope has worked with Keith Stensaas in Uganda for several years now.  Keith has been so faithful to allow ORH t help us reach his people.  There are two things that I wish to point-out concerning Keith.

The term “church planter” is true.  He has his ministry in Masaka, Uganda, but his ministries reach for beyond this one church.

Keith took an ORH Clinic to the Congo border area.  There, he introduced Pastor Stephen.  After the clinic, ORH purchased the land for Pastor Stephen’s church, and Pastor Stephen with his congregation built a building and a home for Pastor Stephen.

Keith took an ORH Clinic to a church just beginning in Lucaya.  This was a heavy muslim area, but the church pressed forward.  The last time we visited the church we sat in their newly completed building and the medical team and sang “To God be the Glory.”

Keith took a clinic to an Island in Lake Victoria.  Pastor Paul preached each day of the clinic.  He helped to reopen a church on the Island with his preaching.  Many came to Christ, and while we were there 26 people were baptized.  Several baptized were saved in the clinic time.

Keith took us to Mbrizi where we did a day of clinic.  Keith walked me to the site where the church hoped to build.  It was ½ acre of land.  ORH purchased the land and now the church congregation is building a building.

Our last clinic with Keith was at Equator Baptist Church.  People were saved and also added to the church.  ORH was able to help the church complete their building, and also help the pastor there to improve his home.

Keith, to me is a great “Church Planter.”  He now has a Vocational school and Bible college with 33 students.  The future is bright.   Please download the PDF for pictures.

Thank you Baptist International Mission for your great selection of Keith Stensaas as one of your missionaries. 


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