Thursday, September 17, 2015

AIR HOPE Dominican Blessing

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Dear Friends,
This is our latest report from Dominica which was struck by the storm, Erica.  Please download the PDF to see the work happening there.  Please pray for missionary Mike Coupe as he continues the work with the people.

ORH thanks Dr. Johnny Daniels, senior missionary to the Caribbean for his assistance, advice, and work.  He has been a source of light and blessing through his Bible College to all the Caribbean Islands. 

“Good morning Pastor Jan,  The work that we set out to do has been accomplished. I am in PR and will be flying out commercially today for home at 2:00. I am leaving my airplane with Brother Mike Coupe and he will carry on the work here. He has set up a ware house for supplies and has put a local man (out of his church) in charge of distribution to their church family first then their community and then to surrounding communities. They have set up a rope an pulley system across one of the cut out roads to a community that cannot be reached any other way. I was not able to get pictures of that system but will. It is a great work that Brother Mike is doing in Dominica, I have seen it first hand and would be in full support of what he is doing. I could not leave my airplane with him if that were not so. We have prayed for an Aztec down here and now it is here. It is God's plane for His service….Thank you for your help through Operation Renewed Hope/Air Hope, I could not have done it without it.  God bless,  Dave Spangler - FLYN4GOD”

ORH cannot thank Dave Spangler enough for helping us to always be prepared to fly missions with Operation Renewed Hope – AIR HOPE.  Pray for the work through our AIR HOPE ministries.  If you would like to fly missions during disasters please contact ORH and let us know so we can send you an application to fly.

Calvin George a missionary pilot in Puerto Rico (PR) wrote the following as he worked with Dave Spangler and Mike Coupe.

“When we got to the Coupe’s home they had no water service (only a trickle). They took us to a river for a bath where other Dominicans were bathing as well. I had to find some bushes to change into a pair of shorts before getting in the river, and then again to get dressed after getting out.  That evening we went to the service at the church which Mike Coupe pastors….The people at church were very kind. The testimony of a young man that had a leg amputated after being shot by the police (before he knew the Lord) was a blessing. Dave Spangler preached. There was an impromptu business meeting of sorts after the Bible study to discuss how to best distribute supplies entrusted to the church.  We were not able to see the worst of the disaster because of only being there for just under 24 hours and not having traveled to the areas most affected. Also two weeks had already passed, and the Dominican government seems to be working hard in coordinating cleanup efforts. We heard and saw pictures of a village nearby that was cut off because of ruined bridges on the only road to and from the village that were impassable. Supplies were being delivered across the river to the villagers through a rope and pulley system….Missionary Mike Coupe is staying in our home for a few days while he takes care of some business in Puerto Rico and prepares to fly some supplies back to Dominica in the aircraft which Missionary Dave Spangler is leaving in his care.  Please continue to pray for the people of Dominica both for their physical well-being as they recover from the flooding from Tropical Storm Erika and for their spiritual condition as well.  Missionary Calvin George”

Remember to pray for the people of Dominica and their needs.  ORH would like to send more money for the help of the people.  We would like to provide more funds for the AIR HOPE planes to fly so supplies will be available through the church to the people.  God can use this to touch many hearts for many years.

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God bless,

Jan Milton
Operation Renewed Hope
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