Friday, July 17, 2015

Nepal Update and Peru Medical Team

Friday, July 17, 2015

Dear Friends,

Please read the most recent information from the work of Pastor Athem and churches in India in Nepal.  ORH hopes this is a blessing as you read of the good work.

“Dear Uncle Jan & ORH, 13/07/2015  Jai Mashi from India and Nepal.
     This is a short report/update about the works done in Nepal for the recent earthquake victims. This updates are mainly the latest works which we called it PLAN =C & D. A lot have been done yet there are still lots to be done.

     We just came back from Kathmandu on 11th July. Due to rain we could not go to the villages where we sent the materials for 75 houses. So far we were able to provide relief aids to 450 household and the following items have been distributed: such as, rice, cooking utensils, roofing iron sheets, blankets, medical aids, etc.

     The three main areas of our works, where we are building three churches are: Nepane Sanusirubari village of Dolakha District, Keilashwore village in Dholakha District and a village in Dhanding. At the time of earthquake, there were presence of 5/6 Christian houses in each of these villages but after we brought the aids, the villagers (Hindus) are now started coming to church and we now have some problems which I called it good problems. The good problems are, there was not enough rooms/place for the people to sit and listen to the preaching of the Gospel by the local Christians. The Hindu people gave lands to local Christians to construct a house for worship. Therefore, we decided to construct a church building with iron bars and steel roofing in the areas where the Hindu leaders had donated for construction of church. The church building constructions are going on in three areas mentioned above. The building/houses are 25 feet wide and 30 feet length. We could not finish the construction last weekend and we have given the local leaders the responsibilities of overseeing the constructions and to complete in next two weeks which will be in first week of August 2015. If possible please send someone to dedicate these houses to be used for worship.

     Thank you very much for your supports in prayers and finance. Uncle Jim is coordinating with the ministry called Bearing Precious Seed to send Gospel tracts and Gospel of John & Romans in next six weeks. We will be sending them to Nepal particularly too those earthquake victims and villages. So far about 20 people have come to the Lord in Nepane village. We hope and pray that the Lord will allow us to see hundreds and thousands of souls to be saved in those villages.   In His Service,   Pastor Athem K. Chothe   Siliguri, India”

Pray for these good works.  We are thankful for the fruit and the response of the people.  Pastor Athem has been faithful to help the villages, and God is working through these great efforts.

Pray about the rains.  They are serious when trying to build and get people out of the weather conditions.

We have more work on-going and will attempt to inform you soon of two church’s VBS programs working to help with the Nepalese children in the earthquake.

Please pray for our Peru Medical Team leaving on Saturday, July 18, to work with Buddy and Loren Fitzgerald in the Puerto Maldonado area of Peru.

God bless,

Jan Milton

Operation Renewed Hope

1017 Sage Green Ct

Raleigh, NC 27610


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