Tuesday, June 16, 2015

VMA India Leper Medical Clinic

Tuesday, June 15, 2015

Dear Friends,

As you know, Dr. John Paul Moses has accepted the mission as a “Village Medical Assistant” with Operation Renewed Hope.  He conducts medical clinics in India to give the Gospel.  He is supported in the efforts by his family members who do the spiritual work with those in the clinic.  Please read his latest communication.

“Dear Uncle Jan and Jim,   I hope all is well with you both... As I had mentioned, we were able to visit the leper colony where we have been ministering...! The people here have been affected due to the heat wave which swept our country a few days ago and help them with some medical supplies... Please follow the attached pictures in my following emails.. As per our notice in the colony around three people had just died. In the supplies which we distributed for over a hundred adults and several children, contained wound dressing and bandage supplies, oral rehydration sachets- WHO formulation, pain and fever medicine, multi-vitamins and minerals and other relevant medications pertaining to their health conditions... Would you believe it if I said that It was amazing to notice how God sent rain right after two days of this camp, It is a relief for sure, beyond comprehension, especially for these destitute s'..
     These people's livelihood solely depends upon begging, impossible to find jobs, the heat had affected them lots.  When we arrived we faced the brunt of the adverse weather too... My mother Jasmine and Brother Titus who has been studying in the bible college along with two other believers and the local Pastor were able to minister to them with the Gospel.
     This is our second camp here and we wish to stabilise this area with the medical ministry and the Gospel further providing with discipleship, I am thankful to vision 2020, and ORH for being a part of this medical ministry.. Uncle Jim, We need to supply them with truth and freedom bible education, especially to the youth, and nurture them in these very days, because there are several who are interested to know more and be involved in the evangelism in the days to come there by potential labourers for Christ...We will be going again, depending upon the resources...This is something and I know that God is working....There is so much to do and please continue to pray for us and my family...Love and regards,  Yours faithfully in Christ, JP”

Please pray that the funds will always be available to keep this young man going with the work of the medical clinics in the villages of India.  ORH will be sending Dr. John Paul $250 for supplies, $100 for transportation costs, $50 for evangelist cost, and $100 personal support for Dr. John Paul.

Please pray for the team’s safety.  The travel conditions are very difficult at times.  The people whom they impact can be volatile about the teachings of Christ.  Dr. John Paul and his family have faced unbelievable persecution at times.

Thank you for helping us to spread the Word of God by the medical clinics ORH conducts or sponsors.

Please download the PDF to see the clinic in pictures.

God bless,

Jan Milton
Operation Renewed Hope
1017 Sage Green Ct
Raleigh, NC 27610

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