Saturday, March 14, 2015

Cambodia 2015 Clinic Update

Cambodia 2015

      Our first team of 2015 was in Cambodia with Dr. Tom Johnson.  The following is a message he sent to ORH.
     “Dear Jan:  Thank you sooooooooo much for coming back to Cambodia! It was the best team we have ever had. I miss working with the docs, already!  Dr. Dersch, Daniel, and Dr. Gibson were particularly awesome. I would love to join you in the Philippines, if the Lord works it all out! Your messages were wonderful and I cherish them; I will try to review them often-especially the one about walking in Jesus' foot steps-wow, that was powerful!!
     Anna and I want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the $500 gift at the Saturday dinner. That was an unexpected blessing and very much needed. Thank you for being so generous….  There are 2 new areas that we want to do clinics that I feel will produce to two new churches-one in Gom Pueng Speu province and another in Prey Veng province. Please try to remember us in your prayers; and we will try to do the same.  Love, Tom and Anna”
     The trip went to the southern areas of Cambodia.  We worked in Kampot village for three days and finally moved to Kampong Speu for one day which was a new church start completely.  Dr. Johnson had a marvelous team of Cambodians who worked with us.  Over 940 patients attended the clinics and national evangelists preached the gospel each day.  Dr. Johnson and his team of evangelist were able to lead 235 people to Christ.
     When Dr. Johnson first began the work in Kampot, those who agreed to sell the land originally reneged and demanded more money.  After two years in court, Dr. Johnson finally was able to hold the people to their original agreement.  At the close of the clinic in this very strongly Kamer Rouge province, these same people expressed their gratitude for his work in their community.  Although they were very angry in the beginning, they experienced the good hand of our God, and their hearts were softened.
     The Gospel and good works are a powerful force.
     We thank God for the opportunity to be a part of Dr. Johnson’s ongoing efforts to  win the lost.

Jan Milton

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