Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Peru Update

Peru Update

Monday February 16, 2015

Dear Friends

Our dear friends, Alex and Flor Herrera, are now out of the Baptist Mid Missions Bible College in Cusco, Peru.  In our last clinic in the Manu Region just off of the Rio Madre de Dios, Alex and his wife Flor helped us do the evangelism during our clinic days.  They have since been working the area to continue our efforts.  ORH, by faith, started supporting them at $200.00 per month which is the only support they received.

Now they are moving to the area full time.  ORH, by faith, will now send to missionary Buddy Fitzgerald $300.00 per month for one year because they have moved to the region and are establishing a permanent work.

Please pray that this money will be available each month.  ORH wants to establish a good church in a difficult area as a result of the ORH clinics and follow-up work.

This is a message we received from them for the month of January through missionary Buddy Fitzgerald of Baptist World Missions.

in January

Dear brother; I greet you in the great name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ; and to wish the richest blessings from our good God and to share with what the great love God is doing in the jungle of Peru. After celebrate Christmas, we have been visiting the families who came to our services, thank God received us very kindly, I am convinced that God is at work in the lives of people, because after they searched me to ask some tips related to your family. Dear brother this January has been very difficult since it began the rainy season, and on some days it has been very difficult to go out and share the Word of God, but that is not an impediment, as we try to recover those hours when it does not rain; dear brother not only strong rain is falling, but also have been cut off for over a month without electricity and a week without access into and out of the area because of a strong collapse. But thank God we have been fine. Because there was no electricity, we have had to go with my family to the city of Cusco, to collect financial aid that you generously give us, and you see to take my wife and daughter to the doctor because they have them started dating white spots on the body; why I ask for your prayers that God who is the doctor of medical work in the lives of my family; Also we went poderles write and keep them aware what is happening in the jungle, because seeing no electricity, no such call, no internet, we are virtually incommunicado; we know that God is in control of everything, so I ask your prayers for God to intercede and everything returns to normal.

I send you a big hug to the distance wishing that God permits in the not too distant future to see them dear brothers. Sincerely Herrera family.  (Children meeting  3 meetings; brochures distributed  95 booklets; evangelized  35; Converted people   1 person; Worship Services  7 Services).

Attached are pictures and a translation of their December work report.  Pray for them; the health problems are always very real in the jungle.

Jan Milton
Operation Renewed Hope
1017 Sage Green Ct
Raleigh, NC 27610

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