Friday, January 16, 2015

Syrian Refugee Update 2

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Friday January 9, 2015

Dear Friends,

ORH thanks all who have been so helpful with the work with the Syrian Refugees in Iraq and Lebanon.  Below is a report from Pastor Dahdah of Gospel Baptist Church in Zahle, Lebanon.  Please read this and pray for the Gospel as it goes to these people.

We know you have been keeping up with the attacks in Paris.  The Syrian Refugees live in this fear continually.  Pray for them after you read the report.

Dear Bro. Jan Milton,

Sending this letter.  Hope finding you in a good condition and praying that you are happy in serving Our Dear Lord Jesus.  Many of the Syrians are thanking God and you because of the help and aid provided .

20 families had helped in Food boxes which cost                         $1000.00
20 families got medical reliefs (medicine, operations,
Rays and hospital fees )  which cost                                             $2750.00
church expenses                                                                             $  225.00
Money transfer                                                                              $    25.00                                                                                       Total                                                                                               $4000.00

I need to send you the pictures as soon as they are ready. Because of snow storm hitting the middle-east since Tuesday, we cannot get out of our home .

According to the next projects and help for the Syrians , we need desperately today and not tomorrow some help of Diesel Heating .  Each Family in this snowing weather needs at least   $ 110 = 200 Liters of Diesel for Heating .  Also we have Min Targets of those people come to our churches and all listen the word of God .

60 Families   *   $  110   =  $ 6600

I can give you a weather forecast site  that we're using it daily ,and you can check daily our stormy weather.  Also I'll send you some pictures of snow in the Bekaa - Valey which vary from 20 cm - to 30 cm of snow ., go to Zahle in this site and you can see the weather for one month ahead.   also you can choose oC or oF as well .   In His Service, Pastor Karim Dahdah

Jan Milton
Operation Renewed Hope
1017 Sage Green Ct
Raleigh, NC 27610

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