Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Philippine Typhoon - Post 32

Philippine Typhoon Update
Tuesday May 20, 2014

Dear Friends,

Below is another great report from Dan and Edna Cadavos.  These two wonderful people and their church Mt Calvary in Mindanao have worked tirelessly to make certain that the work to help the people, churches, and villages continues.  If you look, you will see that the damage from months ago is still very evident.  There is still much work to do.  Pray that Dan and Edna will be able to continue this great effort.

"Hi Jan,  Dan wrote: "We had a wonderful update from Dan yesterday, with his team still in Dinagat Island. The wife of one of the sons of that cult group accepted Christ as her savior and promised to be in services on Sunday! This is a VERY big deal. Also her and her husband allowed the men to use a lot of their wood (fallen trees) for the repair work that our team is doing (on 3 different churches). Pray for the husband as well, as he is considering and listening to the Gospel. He did ask Dan to "pray" for them.

This afternoon he is leaving for Leyte with 9 of the 12 men to finish some work they began last Jan-Feb, then they will return to Dinagat Island and also a work in Surigao that we are assisting with as well. Tuesday-Thursday of next week they have a schedule set up to preach in 3 villages on Dinagat Island. This is seldom heard of since the cult group controls everything on that island. God is doing a marvelous work there with amazing opportunities. A good number have been saved already.

Our men have been working over-time and Dan is very happy with them. Of course always little challenges here and there but overall he is pleased with their work and more importantly their spiritual growth, learning to witness and learning to work in unity for the glory of God.

Thanks all for your prayers! Jan Milton Jared Baldwin Bob Whitney Jerry WraggPaul Edward Guiliano Cadavos, Joseph Cadavos, Anna Rose Cadavos, Asenath Cadavos"

Pastor Dan is working in several churches in this area of Leyte. A good number of folks have come to Christ and the local pastors encouraged. Interestingly this is where Gen.MacArthur landed in WWII and the first place the American flag was raised again since lowering in Bataan, so a very significant and a strategic area to retake the Philippines from the Japanese. So besides the church work, the team is cleaning up the WWII Monument area as a testimony to the local gov't there and as a US Citizen Dan plans on raising up the first American Flag since Typhoon Yolanda that I am sending to him today. Will get a pic of that up once it reaches them."

Dan spoke of a young boy who helped was dishes for his team as they worked.

"...and he is doing his part (washing the team's dishes) to assist in the team effort for Operation Renewed Hope in Dinagat Island with the team from Mt Calvary Casisang under Pastor Dan Cadavos. - Jan Milton"

They are doing their best to help the people and give the gospel.  Please pray they will be successful.

If you have any extra funds for the work in the Philippines.  We will need just a few more offerings for the summer.  Pray about what you could do.

Please, consider this “open door”, and let’s not hesitate to go to the harvest.

If you would like to give by debit or credit card, please go to www.operationrenewedhope.org and choose Network for Good.

If you would like to send a check, please send to Operation Renewed Hope, P. O. Box 43242, Fayetteville, NC 28309.  Please mark the check “International Relief.”

God bless all who try to help us with the suffering of others and the salvation of their souls.

Jan Milton

Operation Renewed Hope
1017 Sage Green Ct.
Raleigh, NC 27610

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