Saturday, April 26, 2014

7 year old boy needs surgery/Pakistani girls get surgery - Post 3

Saturday April 26, 2014

Dear Friends,

Update on Ethan
7 Year Old Boy Needing Surgery

Ethan and his father, Stephen, flew to the Dominican Republic from Trinidad on Thursday, April 24th.  Thank God for Pastor Pedro and Pastor Yadin of Iglesia Bautista Christiano for their kind assistance with airport arrangements and an overnight stay so the Johanitans could fly into Haiti the next morning.  Thank God for Johnny Daniels in Puerto Rico for making arrangements with this good church.
ORH praises God for Mission for Haiti, Tom and Sarah Bennett, who connected ORH with Pastor Maxime Pierre Pierre in Port-a-Prince, and helped transfer funds from ORH to Pastor Pierre Pierre for the Johanitans.

The Johanitans arrived in Haiti on Friday April 25th where Pastor Pierre Pierre met them and took them to a guesthouse in Port-a-Prince.  The cost for the guest house is greatly less than a hotel.  Pastor Pierre Pierre also made contact with the Hospital Espoir.  In fact, the person who will be working with Ethan is a relative of Pastor Pierre Pierre.  On Monday morning, they will begin procedures for the up-coming surgery.

Please pray for Ethan because the next 10 days is very crucial in the life of this little boy.  God has been so good.  We are overwhelmed at the way God has worked to make this happen. 

Pakistani Girls Get Surgery

Thank God that ORH was able to help two little girls in Pakistan.  A wall of their home collapsed on them and they were injured.  Both of the girls needed immediate corrective surgery to repair hips, feet, and legs.

Barnabas Ayub son of Pastor David Ayub, a pastor in Pakistan, wrote the following asking for help.

Parsicala Anwar is a 9 year girl who is the daughter of Anwar Masih and his wife Shakeela.  They live in Malo Waal, Sheikhupura, Punjab, Pakistan. Persikla had to be hospitalized in Raza Hospital in Lahore, Pakistan, because she needed immediate hip surgery for a fractured left thigh, left arm, and left side of the jaw.  She was first admitted in a local hospital, but was taken to a different hospital because of the serious condition.   Dr. Waqar Hassan gave her treatment.

Persicala's 12 year old sister, Marryam, was also injured. Marryam was taken to the emergency room and was released after 2 days.  She had feet fracture. She was not able to walk on her own and had to be carried everywhere, because of the injuries.  Dr. Shahbaz Din gave her treatment in the local hospital.

Thank God ORH was allowed to send money to Pastor Ayub David so he could help this family cover the costs for the girl's surgery needs.  Please pray for the girls.  Below are pictures.

Jan Milton
Operation Renewed Hope

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