Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Philippine Typhoon - Post 17

Philippine Typhoon

Wednesday November 27, 2013

Dear Friends,

ORH supported the work of National Hoops as one of our first efforts in the Philippines.  National Hoops used the original funds to help people in the northern island above Cebu, Daanbatayan.  That effort has proven to be successful, and National Hoops personnel have moved to other efforts around Tacloban on Leyte.

Here is a portion of Mike Washer's report back.  Mike is the Director and Founder of National Hoops.

"Our NHP team is in Cebu…Amos has called me with exciting news each day..They went there on faith since they did not have a truck. People told them that no one would rent them a truck to go to Tacloban…People were concerned about safety so we were also praying for a security guard…God provided a very large truck complete with a driver, fuel, and 2 helpers! It was amazing answer to prayer. The team found out that there was a shipping company that would take them to Tacloban, but the paperwork was very demanding and it would take days to get on board….so through a military contact that God provided, The Philippines Navy will take the team and the truck straight to Tacloban tomorrow! The military will also provide transportation via a C130 plane for the team back to Manila after they are finished. Amazing!

The truck will be filled with relief food and mostly construction type materials including tin, plywood, cleaning supplies, cooking utensils, and many, many other things that are on a list approved by a missionary there in Tacloban. We plan on serving 5-6 churches with rebuilding efforts, evangelistic meals, and paying church members to help the team, and gifts for the church…"

Mike's group was frugal and did not use the entire $2500.00 first sent to him.  We have instructed him to keep the funds and use them for further work and also to inform us of further needs for funds.  We want to support money conscious people.
We are also working with missionary Jim Latzko on Leyte.  We will be sending him the $2000.00 that he has requested.  I have been deeply impressed with his love for the people of the Philippines.  I received this from him.
"I’m in Calbayog City now.  Believers from Calbayog have already made 2 trips to Tacloban, bringing food and hope.  Tomorrow, we will visit 7-9 churches in Eastern Samar and locate churches and pastors there.  The Calbayog believers will deliver the rice.
Attached are pictures of the rice purchased, put into sacks, and a spreadsheet with the cost.  You suggested that Operation Renewed Hope would help with the initial purchase of relief to the amount of $2,000.  The food bought, plus the diesel for the truck to deliver it, comes to $2,018.62, figuring an exchange rate of 43.5 pesos/dollar.  Sincerely,  Jim Latzko"

Pray for the continued work overall.
Please, consider this “open door”, and let’s not hesitate to go to the harvest.

If you would like to give by debit or credit card, please go to and choose Network for Good.

If you would like to send a check, please send to Operation Renewed Hope, P. O. Box 43242, Fayetteville, NC 28309.  Please mark the check “International Relief.”

God bless all who try to help us with the suffering of others and the salvation of their souls.
God bless,
Jan Milton

Operation Renewed Hope
1017 Sage Green Ct.
Raleigh, NC 27610

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