Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Indai Cyclone Update 2013 - Post 1

India Report Cyclone Damage
October 15, 2013

Dear Friends,

Please read the information below about the Cyclone (hurricane) impact on India.  The scope of this storm was overwhelming as it came ashore out of the Bay of Bengal on the eastern coast of India.

Pastor Luther Chatla and his family have been long standing friends of our work in India.  We have conducted relief work and medical clinics with them in the region.  We have great confidence in them.  Please read his report about the needs generated by this storm the size of "Katrina."
"Bro Jan, Thank you for your remembrance and concern. We were in our believers annul conference until yesterday, and we were so worried about the cyclone, but by the grace of God we were not disturbed in Nidumolu as the cyclone moved towards north. Cyclone severely effected five of our pastors who are pastoring in that area. Their villages were evacuated by the government and the people were moved to a safe place. We called our pastors with their families here to our mission compound in Nidumolu to safeguard them.

They returned back to that area this morning and according to their initial report, three out of the eight churches were drown in water. They were not of concrete but with mud walls and bamboo sticks. They need to be rebuilt. Many church families lost their shelter and everything. Their lives are safe but they do not have anything to start their daily life. Clothes, groceries are the current basic needs and they need help to the extent of rebuilding/ repairing their homes.
I am waiting for their photos which I would send them by tomorrow. Praying and looking forward to provide hope through our ORH as God enables."
Operation Renewed Hope will be sending $1000.00 to begin the rebuilding process.  We need to do more.  Ministry is available to us.  People are in need of physical help that can lead to great spiritual ministry.
If you would like to donate by check, please, send the check to Operation Renewed Hope, PO Box 43242, Fayetteville, NC 28309.  Mark the check for "International Relief."
If you would like to donate by debit or credit card go to www.operationrenewedhope.org and choose Network for Good.
You may send others to www.orhnews.blogspot.com  to keep up with the efforts.

Jan Milton

Operation Renewed Hope
4500 Little Blue Parkway
Independence, MO 64057

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