Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Oklahoma City Tornado - Post 7

Oklahoma City Tornado

Wednesday June 12, 2013

Dear Friends,

Please read this update and continue to pray for these churches as they help their communities.  Thank you so much for helping these people.

Pastor Sven Lawson, Moore Baptist Temple, wrote the following,

“I have a family I met which were helping a member in my church clean up from the tornado when we found out that his own house and car was destroyed, he has 3 children and is living with another family with 9 people in a small house trying to save enough money to rent another house.”

Operation Renewed Hope is sending $3000.00 for Pastor Larson to help this family and others.  Pastor Larson expressed that this family will be a great ministry opportunity for his church as they work in their community.

Pastor Ivan Moore wrote the following to us about his needs in Oklahoma City.
“Hi Bro. Milton,   It has been very crazy around here as you can imagine, not only are we dealing with the impact of the tornado on May 20th, but we had several more tornadoes come through the metro area on the 31st, one of which was the largest tornado on record at 2.6 miles wide, with winds of 300 mph. Most of the families in our church had some damage to their property although most wasn't serious. It would be a great help if you could help us with some church expenses of about $1300.00. Due to all the tornadoes, we had to cancel church several times, mainly because we couldn't get to our building and lost some income because of that. We are on a very tight budget so anything would help. Also, a local pastor lost everything and we would like to give him $700.00 to help him with whatever he needs. We also have three families that need any help we can give them since they lost everything they owned except what they were wearing. We were hoping to give them about $1,000.00 each. Again, we appreciate so much your ministry and willingness to help during this time. I have been through a lot in my life, but these storms have left tremendous devastation and destruction like I have never seen before. There is feeling of awe and sadness as you see all that has been destroyed. Thank you for your kindness and concern; I pray the Lord will bless you for your ministry to those going through this. We are praying God will draw those who are lost to Him through this terrible situation.   Pastor Moore  Immanuel Baptist Church of Moore Oklahoma”

Operation Renewed Hope is sending $3000.00 to Pastor Moore to help with this need.  Pray God will help Pastor Moore since he works a separate job and is a pastor also.  Pray he will have the stamina to maintain the rate at which he is presently working.

Pastor Lindsey from Suburban Baptist Church wrote the following.

     “All I can say is praise be to God! And thank you and the many, many Christians who came to our aid in time of need. We are keeping our gym open as a donation and distribution center (free food and household goods) until the end of the month of June. July 1st we will attempt to transition back to our normal ministry. We are also using this as an evangelistic outreach to reach those in our community with the gospel of Jesus Christ (the free gift of salvation that is available through Christ).
     Thank you again for your love, support and prayers for us during these stressful times. May God bless you richly.  Pastor Ron Lindsey  Suburban Baptist Church“

Pastor Lindsey has been a great blessing as he helped many in his area through his distribution center.  Operation Renewed Hope is thankful that he is going back to a more normal ministry.

Please continue to pray for all the efforts of those in the impact area.
Jan Milton
Operation Renewed Hope
4928 Necessary Ct
Blue Springs, MO  64015

Jan Mil

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