Thursday, December 20, 2012

"Sandy" Relief Post 21

"Sandy" Relief

Thursday December 20, 2012

Dear Friends,

This is a report from Pastor Bob Harrington, Fellowship Baptist Church, Baden, PA. Please take time to read and share this with everyone you can.

"After developing a burden to help our Christian friends who were devastated by super storm Sandy, four churches agreed to contribute financially to help send a team which would provide tangible relief in the form of supplies and labor. They are Bible Baptist Church of Carnegie, PA; Grace Bible Church of Washington, PA; Grace Baptist Church of Monroeville, PA; and Fellowship Baptist Church of Baden, PA

Through their contact with ORH, the connection was made with Pastor Kent Sager, of Grace Baptist Church in Freeport, NY. We learned that the devastation had affected him personally, by flooding the basement of his house with over five feet of water. His garage door (which was partially sandbagged) finally gave in to the unyielding surge of ocean water when the level reached six feet. As the door buckled, the lower level of his home became a complete loss in just seconds. Mrs. Sager remembers standing on top of the basement stairs and watching one of the walls in her basement disappear. It was truly frightening. They had never seen anything like this before.

Due to the generosity of the aforementioned churches, the expenses of the team were met and we were able to labor for a week to repair what Sandy had destroyed in minutes. Our purpose was to free up Pastor Sager and his family so that they could continue to do what God had called them to do—reach their locale with the gospel of Christ—rather than be tied up for several months bothered by incessant repair work. They needed to have their home back.

Three men came from western PA and God sent two others from Lighthouse Baptist Church in Michigan. Scott Wolfe (of Zechariah’s Builders) from MI was able to use his construction expertise to act as the team’s foreman. In one week’s time the team was able to accomplish the reinstallation of the electrical, plumbing, and drywall losses (over 20 books of drywall), as well as installing a better, brand-new garage door for Pastor Sager. Although more work remains in the basement bathroom (due to its being enlarged as part of the remodeling project), Scott was able to stay on into the next week and finish up the drywall installation and spackling. It seems the basement is ready for painting. We praise the Lord for what He enabled us to accomplish while we were in New York. May the Lord bless you as you consider helping Pastor Sager put the finishing touches on what may remain to be done. For Christ,    Bob Harrison, Jr., FBC, Baden"

Pastor Sager shows water height at his home.
Work team from churches in Pennsylvania and Michigan
I hope this was a blessing. We now need a painting team in January 2013 to go to Pastor Sager and help him. If your church would like to go and help paint the inside of his house, please, contact ORH. We need a church to take up an offering to pay for the paints that Mrs. Sager will pick. Then we need several very careful and diligent people who can paint the bottom of his home.

If you would like to give by credit or debit card, please go to and choose Network for Good.

If you would like to give by check, please send the check to Operation Renewed Hope, P.O. Box 43242, Fayetteville, NC 28309. Mark checks "Sandy" Relief.

For the most current information go to
God bless,

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