Sunday, February 7, 2010

2/7/10 Haiti Hope Update from Jan Milton

Dear Friends,

Please pray for our pilots that are flying in Haiti. We received this message from Pastor Yadin Rodriguez of Iglesia Bautista Christiana. He is our coordinator in Santo Domingo. Kelley Hein, missionary pilot, sent this message on the ORH sat phone form Jacmel.

-----from Pastor Yadin-----
"I just got a call from Kelley Hein from Jacmel. Apparently when Dave Crispell was landing on his second flight today he got a flat tire on his plane. Thankfully he was able to control the plane and nothing serious happened. Right now brother Crispell is trying to figure out if he can repair the tire. If he is able to get it fixed he will fly back this afternoon, if not he'll try to come with someone who is flying to the smaller airport. Either way he needs to get a new tire for his plane. We'll try to get the specifications to get it here. Praise the Lord for His protection."
ORH has just received word that Brother Crispell made it safely back to Santo Domingo. Please pray for these men; they are very brave.

Pastor Cherubin contacted Tom and Sarah Bennett stating that the mayor of Jacmel had offered him the opportunity to hold evangelist services to replace the canceled Mardi Gras. Pastor Cherubin will be holding a week of meetings in Jacmel starting Feb 15, where the normal Mardi Gras is held. Pray that we will have all of our planes in place on that day to fly the 10 people in to Jacmel to help Pastor Cherubin. Pray that many will hear the gospel and be saved as a result of the music and message of salvation. Pastor Cherubin will be preaching the gospel, and music teams from the US will provide music.

Pray that Frank Horton will arrive from the United States with his plane. His plane was damaged in a hanger accident delaying his coming to help. But he has not let this stop him, and we need him very badly.

Pray for Dave Spangler. Dave lost and engine coming out of the Bahamas. He is now there replacing his engine. Dave has been central in making the use of the missionary planes work. Pray that he will raise the $35,000.00 to pay for the new engine. He was the first to fly to Haiti to start the work. It was during one of these flights that he lost his engine.

It is also wonderful to have other partners; Anchor Baptist Church in Mt. Pisgah, NC has been so wonderful to provide planes and other help. Their aviation program there is great. Pastor Randy Barton is a wonderful servant of the Lord, and constantly pushing for development of new ways to minister in crisis.

On Saturday morning we flew Dr. David Fenley and a repair man of Macedonia World Baptist Missions to Jacmel. They were taking generator parts and car parts to help Connie Anderson repair her generator and truck. We were also able to bring food for her orphans. The situation for her is difficult as Dr. Fenley tells us.

----From Dr. Fenley----
"I spoke with Connie Anderson this morning and she again told of the need of tents on the mountain. She said one of her ladies went down to TiGoave yesterday and was able to get 2 tarps for which she was elated to receive. Once this lady left the compound where she received the tent she was knocked to the ground and the tarps taken away from her."

The tents and tarps are very necessary. Operation Renewed Hope through Dr. Greg Waller was able to get new tents from Coleman, Inc. They sold us $130.00 tents for $49.00.

A group "Ministry for Haiti" bought 100 tents for $5000.00. By faith, Operation Renewed Hope committed $5000.00 to purchase 100 more tents. We now have a potential for 100 more tents (300 all together). These tents will be flown from Opa Locka, FL to Jacmel for distribution as soon as they arrive in Opa Locka.

Pray that we will be able to get the next 100 tents. These tents will go to all of our missionary works where people are sleeping on the ground. These are sturdy tents and could last 3 to 6 months for housing.

God has been so good. Pray for the Sunday services that souls will be saved and saints will be encouraged.

Jan Milton

Operation Renewed Hope
4928 Necessary Ct.
Blue Springs, MO 64015

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